Can you help?

I just posted about some of the fun we have been having with geography. After doing all that I decided it would be tons of fun to get a little more into it, cooking appropriate foods, making flags, learning about customs and a lot of other things. At first I thought I would start with countries but then I was visiting with my sister Martha and she mentioned thinking about doing that with states. I thought about that and thought it probably would be a good idea to start with the states and then do countries so that the kids will understand where they live before we go "traveling" farther a whole lot.

That comes to where I would like your help. I wondered if you could help me with any of the following:
  • What is a special food for your state? (If you feel like sharing a recipe that would be great, or leave a link or just tell my the name and I can search for it.)
  • Where do you live? I have found some fairly blank maps and I am hoping to enlarge one and then we will fill in different things we learn, or towns of people we know or your town!)
  • What is special about your state? (or even just your town)
  • What is something that is fun to do where you live?

Please be sure to say what state you are from when you comment.

We are planning on doing the states in the order of their date of statehood. The first 3 are Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and so I would especially appreciate comments about them but I would like stuff from any state as we will be doing all of them eventually. I will also try to share what I find with you.

Here are some links that I have found so far that have information:

So please share!! I would love to hear from you!