Graduation time!

Yesterday was graduation day at Bemidji State University. Over 700 students graduated. Since we are involved with an organization that reaches out to the international students we usually know somebody that is graduating every year. I don't usually go to the graduation as it is in the afternoon and during kids nap times and it is pretty long and not something that I feel like taking kids too. This year however we figured out a way to see the graduates and wish them well without having to sit through the ceremony. We went afterwards when they were filing out. (Which if we hadn't told them, they would have thought we were there the whole time.)

It was fun to get to see them all dressed up and be able to wish them well, meet their parents (those that had come), give them a card and a little something and get our pictures with them.
It is so fun for us to get to know these students. We have been blessed to have them in our lives a little while. The above picture is of my parents, sisters, nieces, nephew and my kids with Ming and Patrick. Below I am with Ming, Phooi Man and Natalie.