Jackpine Work Weekend

This past weekend we were able to travel up North to Williams,MN and the Jackpine Campground. The project for the weekend was to put a new roof on some poles whose roof had fallen off. Jeff and Becky Chudek had organized it all and several of us were able to go. There ended up being 5 young families, a couple of couples and 2 singles there. The picture above shows what we were starting out with.
Here the rafters are going up!
Now the steel! And unfortunately this is the last picture I have of this project. I ended up not getting the finished product but I can tell you it looked very nice! The guys (and Anna did some screwing too.) did a great job.
While the guys were busy with that we ladies thought we should keep busy too. This little shelter has been at camp for as long as I can remember and it was getting quite old and leaking. There was also some old tin available so we decided that we should do some re roofing. Here Anna and a bunch of kids are taking some of the rotten boards off.

Here are Anna and I working at putting the tin on.
Emily and Anna are putting the top piece on. This project was certainly not one of perfectionism, but it was fun and should lengthen the life of that old kid's shelter.

While we were there Mara cut her foot a little and here is the medical team that I found caring for her when I got to her.

We all worked together to make the food and then ate together. Each of us ladies were in charge of one or two meals and then everybody chipped in and helped. Afterwards we all washed dishes together. It was a lot of fun because we were able to do a lot of visiting while we worked!

The weekend was a little tiring for all of us but Aaron was the only one who fell to sleep during supper.

Some daddies and their tired baby girls.

We had a great time even though we had some cold weather and lots of ticks to contend with. On Sunday morning we had church around the campfire which was fun. What are your favorite camping memories?