Tipster Tuesday ~ Links for Homeschoolers

  • It is the time of year to enroll your kids in Pizza Hut's "Book It!" program. You can enroll through June 13. Last year was our first year of doing it and we did enjoy it. We try not to do a lot of eating out (to save money and eat healthier foods) but it was fun to get to have Pizza Hut pizza once a month from Oct. to March. We have two kids of the right age for the program so they each got a personal pan pizza which was enough for them to each share with a sibling. Then if Ken and I got a medium pizza that was all we would need to buy to take care of our meal. Quite a few times last year however we got coupons that made a large pizza as cheap as a medium so we would get that instead and then get to have some leftovers. A lot of times we would get coupons in our newspaper but if you don't get that you can also print out coupons online.
  • Today I finally got around to ordering my kids achievement tests for the year. If you are running behind on doing that as well here is a place where you can get tests for $25 (which from what I have seen is a pretty good deal). The place is called Seton Home Study school and it appears to be run by Catholics but they sell to anybody. We used them last year as well and they send the tests quickly and they are easy to use. They are the California Achievement Tests.
  • If you are finding a bunch of bugs this Spring and would like to learn more about them then this website might be the place to look.

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