Fall decorating

I have been so in awe of how God has been so beautifully redecorating the outside lately! It has been very gorgeous around here (Now is a little past the peak however). It has made me want to do a little beautifying too so I thought I would share some of the ways we have been decorating lately.
Last Sunday the kids collected a bunch of gorgeous leaves. I pressed some so that they would look nice longer.
I looked around my house to see what fall things I had and I found some pretty ribbon in fall colors (most was from my grandma) as well as some silk flowers. I decided to add some ribbons and leaves to this wreath which hangs above my kitchen cabinets, I also stuck a red basket with some flowers in it up there.
For our table Megan and I made a fall basket of fruit and veggies and originally flowers. I had to do some revising as things got old but it is still there adding color to our table. I also pulled out a red place mat to go underneath and some fall colored ones which one I put on our phone stand and another under a lamp.
On our curtain valances I decided to pin (with a straight pin from the back) some of the beautiful leaves. I did this in both the dining and living room and it really brightens things up!
Here is a closeup of one of the leaves on the curtains.
I found this beautiful fall ribbon in my ribbon stash, I didn't really want to cut it so I decided to use all its length and tie a bow to my hanging plant.

In this corner I added a fall cloth place mat under the lamp and on it put a pumpkin (given to us by some friends), a few crab apples and leaves. I also tied burgundy and green ribbons to the candles on the wall. I also added a crab apple in front of each bow.

I also put another pumpkin in our entry way and then I headed out to the porch. I decided to put to use the scarecrow that I had made earlier this year for our fruit of the spirit (With a farming theme) classes at church this summer. I added some cornstalks and a pumpkin and I thought it had a nice harvest time look.

I had a lot of fun decorating. Doing something like that always makes me feel a little more excited about being a homemaker and having an inviting home. What have you done to make your house feel homey this season?