WFMW ~ Child training books

Today I thought I would share with you some books that have been very helpful for us in raising our children. When I was pregnant with our first child Ken and I read through "To Train Up A Child" by Micheal and Debi Pearl together. We were able to discuss the topics brought up and go over any differences we had before we were in the child training situation. That has really helped so that we can work together (Without any fighting) at raising our children.

"To Train up a Child" is a very interesting book to read, it is not that long and has a bunch of stories that they use as examples. They use scripture extensively on the subject as well a bunch of good common sense. I appreciate that fact that the writers have 5 adult children who all attest to the fact that their parents did a good job. The book really concentrates on the parent being the boss and being one consistently but also having a lot of fun with your children and being joyful.
We have found this book to be very helpful in raising our kids. We don't have perfect children but we aren't ashamed of them either. I don't do a perfect job of raising them either but I am trying. From time to time when I realize I really need to be reminded of just how I should be doing it, I read the book again. The "No Greater Joy" books are a continuation of "To Train up a Child."
I also included "Created to be His Helpmeet" in the picture as that is a book that has really encouraged me in being a good wife. It is written by Debi Pearl.

These books really work for me!
Have you read them? What do you think? What child training books do you like?