A Homemade Christmas!

Today I want to invite you to join me every Monday (until Christmas) for a series on a Homemade Christmas. I am planning on sharing with you homemade gift ideas and tutorials, decorating ideas and special foods to make. I also am really hoping that you will join me as I plan on putting up a Mr. Linky so that you can write posts about a Homemade Christmas as well and link back to mine so there will be lots of fun ideas for us to browse through.

When I grew up we did not celebrate Christmas for a variety of reasons a few of them being the high commercialism that usually comes with it, lies about Santa Claus,and the stress and financial burden that falls on many families. Those aspects of Christmas are ones that I still avoid but our little family has found that we can have a very fun, no stress Christmas and we enjoy it by keeping it simple and having a lot of fun making things for each other. I would love to see more people step back and make Christmas fun and simple again. This series of posts will hopefully encourage you in that.

Here are some examples of the sort of thing I will be sharing over the next few weeks:

I think Christmas can be very fun and memorable without spending much money and I think if we share our ideas it can be even more that way! So please come join me on the next 8 Mondays.

If you would take my little graphic (above) and help spread the word around, I would really appreciate that!

We have gotten started!