Updates of knitting and a little cutie

Asalam Alaikum,

So SOMEONE thinks that I should blog more often, and I totally agree so here we go!

First up, I just cast on this colorful little blur, it is going to be for me, I know I know its a red letter day! This is my own little spin of EZ's Moebius scarf, except that I want it to be sort of a shawl kind of thing so I am trying to make it a little on the big side, so it will sit on my shoulders.

Now this is photographic evidence of my slightly obsessive nature,two an a half BSJs...The brown and grey is for my DS, the pink/purple is for my SIL's Daughter, and the green is for her new son. Two and a half and no end in site, this pattern is a bit on the addictive side!

Here is the DS modeling for you, that'll show me to try and take his picture right after nap time.

Further proof of my insanity...

I, for reasons still unknown even to myself, bought this Barbie, and spent 4 hours, (4 hours people!) making this little outfit for her. Just so that you know, it was made with the leftovers from my suit, so not only do I sew doll clothes, I sew them to match me.

AAAHHHHH!!!!!! A ghost!!

Hey you paparazzi get outta my face!

And finally this is a tease for you, you know who you are!