Charlotte's Stretchy Cotton Socks

This yarn is really neat. It is 98.3 % cotton and 1.7% elastic. That little bit of elastic makes it super stretchy. Cotton yarn is usually pretty tricky to knit with because it has no stretch and can be hard on the hands since it has no give. This yarn is a little tricky to knit with for the opposite reason. It's so stretchy that I wasn't sure how to tension it. Should I pull it snug as I usually do or would that make it too stiff? Should I hold the yarn loosely to make a very stretchy sock? In the end I decided to hold the yarn pretty loose on the foot of the sock and then to pull the yarn more snugly for the cuff.

The yarn is Cascade Fixation color 9840. I was able to get both socks from one skein. I used size 2 needles and knit the socks toe up using short rows with no wraps. I cast on 20 stitches (eventually having a total of 40 stitches around). I knit the foot 7" long total. They should fit her for a while since they stretch so much. She loves them because the yarn has all her favorite colors in it. She had a hard time waiting for them to finish drying so she could wear them.