Spiral Noro Hat

For those of you who don't know, Noro is a brand of yarn made in Japan and is known for it's amazing colors. While I find some of their wool yarn very rough and scratchy, the color combinations never fail to catch my eye. I found a small skein of Kureyon "Kurey" (color 229) at a yarn shop and the colors were too much for me to resist. I was surprised to find so many other colors in this skein of yarn as I knit with it. I"m not sure if I'm crazy about the weird red/pink color but that's one of the fun things about Noro... it's like a box of chocolates.. you never know what you're gonna get.

My favorite part of this hat is the top of it. I love the color and the pattern on top. I used the Noro Spiral One-Skein Hat pattern using size 8 needles. The pattern was pretty easy to follow once I got the hang of it. I wish the hat had been top down though because that would have allowed me to use every bit of yarn. I ended up with a few rounds worth of yarn leftover at the end. The cap is too short for my head so it may become one of Charlotte's winter caps for next year.

FYI - If you need something to act as a hat form while you take pictures... feel free to borrow your kids toys. This toy has the perfect sized top for this little hat.