Crazy Weather and Helpful Kids

Our warm weather of early March has disappeared. In it's place we've been left with highs that are at times, 30 degrees below average!

This past weekend was cold and rainy. The kids bundled up to go outside since the rain stopped for a bit. I sent them out with our bubble machine.

Then Monday it snowed.

It snowed in North Carolina in late March. The world has gone mad.

This past weekend Jon was gone with the Band to Orlando. The kids and I were so glad to spend the day with Mom and Mark on Sunday. With cold, wet weather, having a change of scenery was definitely a plus.

Evan "helped" Grandpa with a renovation project.

Evan is convinced that when he grows up his name will be Mike Holmes and he'll fix houses. I think he was glad to start his carpentry training.

Charlotte loved learning about how to use the level and let Grandpa know that Mike Holmes would think the job he was doing was perfect.

I think watching Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection is paying off!

Charlotte helped Nana makes spaghetti.

And Evan helped spread chocolate icing on the cake. Yum!

My fingers are crossed that April brings the sunshine back to NC!