A nest necklace

 Are you enjoying Spring? I have been, even though I woke up this morning to fresh snow and then after melting some in the afternoon it started snowing again. I am enjoying that too but I am still excited about the real coming of Spring with birds singing, nest building and flowers blooming!

  I love this season, mud and finicky weather and all!

A while back I saw the idea for a nest necklace in a couple of different places online. I thought it was quite sweet and didn't think it looked to hard to make and I had everything I needed to make it.

I decided to make one for my sister Martha's birthday.
 I used decorative wire and coiled it up and twisted it around to make it look like a nest, then I took 3 pearl beads for eggs (my sister has 3 children, so one to represent each of them) and threaded a wire through them to secure them in place. Then I threaded a ribbon through the top. It was fun and easy to make. I think I might make one for me too.

Have you been making any projects lately? Has Spring really come to your area? What do you like about Spring?