Asalam Alaikum,

On Sunday night we went to Ammena's valima. MashAllah, she was gorgeous! The beading on her husband's sherwani was made up to match her dress, and they just both looked so nice, mashAllah.

The setup for the valima was beautiful. The color theme was a bluish teal with black contrast, and there were the icicle lights. I love the icicle lights, they always give me a fairy tale wedding vibe. The stage was nicely set up also, with a simple elegant back round decorated with flowers.

I counted (I think) six dishes- fish, chicken tikka, kebabs, biriyani, halwa puri, and a chicken korma(I think, I didn't try it but Tariq might have, I was too full). There were a whole bunch of different types of salads, and for desert there was qulfi with falooda noodles.

I managed to not have a wardrobe malfunction, even wore my fancy shoes too. I did forget the camera batteries though, the big camera battery I left at home in the charger and my smaller ancient digital(runs on AA's) went dead and I forgot the extras.