Friday Feature-Compulsive laundry folding...or my Shalwar kameez storage solution

Asalamu Alaikum,

I am very particular about how I fold my laundry. I never used to be, but then I never really cared about clothes too much, and usually just threw on whichever tee shirt and jeans were on top of the clean laundry pile.

I have tried many techniques for hanging/folding shalwar kameez, and have finally found one that I like. I have gotten to the point that it really bothers me if my suits are not folded the right way, to the point where I will get up from bed to fold them properly before I can sleep. I am not too worried though, ;-) at least the clothes get folded and aren't in a heap on a chair somewhere.

My closet.

On the top shelf is where I keep my Qur'ans and other Islamic books, then the next shelf down is the "really fancy function suits" section. The third shelf is the "medium fancy, guests over/going visiting suits" section, and also the extra hijabs. The fourth shelf is the "house work/lazing around the house suits" section. Finally the bottom shelf is where I keep the "really fancy things that go in a box", the saris, and shararas.

Close up!

First I fold the dupatta in half the long way, and then in either thirds or quarters, whichever makes it about 10 inches wide, as some dupattas are 32" wide and some 45".

Then I fold the shalwar in half and put it on top of the dupatta, with the foot opening at the "top" side of the dupatta.

The kameez goes on the top of the shalwar with the neck opening on top of the feet. First I fold in the sleeves, then roll the kameez from the neck down to the damman(the bottom of the shirt).

Next I roll the kameez and shalwar together, from the top of the shalwar down to the foot opening.

Lastly I roll the whole thing together from the top of the dupatta to the bottom, and get this neat little roll that is just slightly less wide than the depth of my closet shelf. Perfect.