We had fun studying about Alabama. We had fun trying to speak with southern accents and I am sure we butchered the accent badly. Alabama has the distinguishing mark of being the first state alphabetically.

Some facts about Alabama:

  • The nickname is "The heart of Dixie"

  • Is the 22nd state. It became a state Dec. 14, 1819

  • The capital is Montgomery.

  • It was once called the cotton state but the Boll Weevil came and killed the cotton. Farmers then started growing Peanuts, Livestock and other things. Then they learned to fight the Boll Weevil so now they can grow cotton again.

  • The Monarch butterfly is the state insect.

  • The state flower is the Camellia

  • The state tree is the Southern Pine

  • The state bird is the Yellowhammer.

  • For lots of other odd and interesting facts visit

We read that Macaroni and Cheese is a regular dish there (I suppose it could be considered a Southern comfort food). We tried a recipe for Baked Macaroni and cheese. I am not sure if I did something wrong but it tasted a little like Mac and cheese mixed with scrambled eggs (there are eggs in it). My family wasn't sure if they liked it real well.

Corn bread is another southern food that we enjoyed while studying about Alabama.

Pecan pie was something I have been hungry for for some time. I kept meaning to make it when we would study a southern state where pecans grow and are popular. Finally when studying Alabama I got one made. ( I rather goofed though and put in to much dark molasses so It wasn't quite what I had been dreaming about.)

While studying about Alabama we had fun reading about how the Native Americans ( a long time ago) had fun playing the game Lacrosse. We read that they would have hundreds of people on the field at once to play. It said that they used two sticks to pick up the small leather ball and then toss it to their team mates. It would have been something to watch! We decided we had better try it too. We have never seen the game played so we just tried it according to what we read in the book. It seems quite challenging but we had fun trying. :-)

Mara and Aaron are both trying to pick up the ball. I am not sure what Jonathan is doing with his sticks. I think this game could have been quite dangerous!

We used a soft leather mini soccer ball. It is quite a challenge to pick up with sticks.

What do you know about Alabama? We would love to learn more. (Also we will be studying Florida next.)