For Alyssa

Okay my boyfriend's nephews girl just had a baby girl this past June, so my b/f's mom has hired me to make outfits for the baby. The first dress started out as a romper but I made it into a dress instead. Here is the link to the pattern for the romper:
This next dress was actually a top. It was buttoned down but I turned it around and sewed the back shut. I got the pattern for this dress here: I did the whole pattern for the top then turned it into a dress. This is a onesie I made it was cool to make but kind of tideous and I will make it again. I tried to use the same color buttons that's in the yarn. The pattern for this onesie is here:
Alyssa's father is in the military so I made her this outfit for her pics she had taken. The top and panties under the skirt can be found here: the link for the diaper cover is in the link as well. As for the skirt I made that up myself with three rows of dc's then I just did v stitches the rest of the way and then added a shell border around the bottom.

Okay of all these outfits the booties are all made from the same pattern called 'Sockies' I got the pattern for them from here: so far the outfits were loved by great aunt and Alyssa's mom.