Tipster Tuesday ~ fixing plastic pants

I am not sure if this applies to anybody who reads this blog but I thought I would share it anyway. I still use the old method of cloth diapering where you need to use plastic pants on top. The plastic pants seem to wear out in some areas faster than others so I decided that in order to save a little money and to keep something useful instead of just throwing it away, mending was in order.

We were have trouble with having rips in the side (sometimes right on the "seam") and also the plastic ripping away from the elastic. I discovered it works just fine to sew them on the sewing machine. For the ripped sides I just put the two right sides together and took a narrow straight stitch seam. For the elastic problem I pulled the elastic out until it was as big as the plastic part and then using a zig-zap stitch I sewed them together. If it doesn't make sense from what I have written, maybe the picture will. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

I am glad to be able to avoid buying something else, especially as we hope to have Megan potty trained and all done with them before long anyway. I also thought about using a plastic bag and an iron and mending ripped places that way but I haven't. Has anybody else tried that?

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