Our busy days!

Yesterday and today have been quite busy. I thought it would be fun to share some of the happenings with you all. This week my parents found out that their neighbors had some bunnies that they were wanting to get rid of. They asked us if we would want them, Dad had a cage we could use and he will help me butcher them this fall. I thought that sounded like a fun opportunity so we said yes. I hope it all works out all right as the kids are having a great time with them now but I do want to butcher them before winter. They are very cute and tame and all 4 kids really enjoy them.
Yesterday was a full day of working on the roof. Mom, Dad and Luke came over and helped all day. Mom stayed on the ground but helped a ton with picking up trash, taking care of kids and helping with house stuff. I worked on the roof quite a bit but not all the time. The 3 older kids spent some time up there working as well. (Jonathan the most). Jake also came over and helped quite a bit. We are blessed to have family and friends that are generous with their help. The picture above is of Jonathan and Dad.

Ken and Luke and a view of how the new shingles are looking. It got pretty hot up there. We drank a lot of water! A cute little picnic guest (at lunchtime).
For our picnic party for supper I (with quite a bit of help) had fun making these fruit arrangements in ice containers. This was the first time I have tried making them but the ended up working pretty well. I thought they were a lot of fun to make and will probably make them again some time. To make them I put some floral Styrofoam in the container and then covered it with a lettuce leaf. We cut fruit into different shapes, We made some melon balls (with a melon ball spoon) and then we also make some cantaloupe cutouts in flower and star shapes. We put all the fruit on kabob sticks (often putting more than one fruit on the stick, like putting about 4 melon balls (or grapes would work very well if you had them) or a flower shape and then a juneberry in the center. After putting the fruit on the stick we then stuck it in the Styrofoam, arranging it like you would a flower arrangement. I also added some mint sprigs for greenery.

Lots of food!

A pretty fruit bowl that a couple of the ladies put together.

Some of the picnickers.

We put candles on the deck rail. The looked cute burning but most of them blew out (from the wind) after a few minutes. Oh well! :-)

A few of the people inside. For this table I just used some blue and white checked cloth I had for a table cloth, I then put a red place mat in the middle with a little vase of daisies.

The kids had fun playing tug of war.

I had a blue table cloth with white flowers and then a red and white one which we put on a couple of tables in the yard. Mara picked daisies and put them in vases for the table. I thought it looked very pretty for Independence day.

We did go to the fireworks thought we were feeling very weary by that time. There was a beautiful display. Megan tried reaching for them and kept saying "pretty!"

Today it was back on the roof again! We were blessed to have Luke and Mike come and help us out a lot! The house is now done but we have a little over half of the garage yet to go. Maybe we can get it done tomorrow after church (and the potluck and parade), we shall see. But now it is off to bed for me!