Do you have any advice?

I am attempting to potty train Megan this week. I have had a child in diapers (and sometimes 2) for nearly nine years now so I am rather excited about the idea of being done! Unfortunately I don't seem to be very good at this potty training business, you would think that Megan being my 4th child to potty train that I would know exactly how to do it and we would get the job done quickly and efficiently like many other mothers that I hear about. Sad to say it is not working that way. I have been thinking that Potty training schools would probably be a good business opportunity for someone that was skilled at the business. As for me, I am pretty well acquainted with the washing machine this week!

I thought she was seeming fairly ready, for months whenever I have taken off her diaper she has wanted to "go potty" and then she would go sit on the toilet. She rarely actually did anything but she loved the idea. Also she loved to go at any public places we would visit (you know, the thrill of seeing the bathrooms!) There was a time (right around 1 year) when she actually did go on the toilet a lot (#1 & 2) but then she got afraid of the toilet for a while and that was that. So much for my dreams of having a child like myself who trained at one year old.

This week we have started using underwear, I have tried to push liquids and watch the clock (The last two I do have trouble with forgetting about at times which doesn't help the situation!) Our success has been pretty much not at all but we have had lots of wet clothes! I have also told her that she would get a treat when she goes. The older children are trying to encourage her as well (as they want to share in the treat) but so far to no success. (But she is pretty willing to try.)

Anyway...Does anybody have any suggestions? Those of you who find potty training a little easier than I, I would love to hear from you!