A pillow and basket from heirlooms

A month of so ago a mother of a bride contacted me and wondered if I would ever make a ring pillow from heirlooms. She had seen the pillows that I had for sale at the bridal fair and so she thought I could do it. I hadn't ever done that before but I was game to try. It ended up that both of the mothers came over to visit bringing with them quite a few different things from Grandmas, great Grandmas and beyond. There was enough stuff that it would have made an incredibly busy pillow so we decided to use some on a basket and she saved an item or two for the bouquet. They also decided to have me use some of the fabric from their wedding dresses for the pillow and basket. (The Bride's mother's dress is in the pillow and the Groom's Mother's is in the basket).

It ended up being a pretty fun project and the pictures show the finished product. The top picture shows the top of the pillow.