Frugal fun in our community

This week we enjoyed a fun (and very frugal/free) family night out.
The university was having community appreciation day at the football stadium. When you got there each person was given 3 free tickets for food which we could use at any of the different booths (if you wanted more you could buy them). There were also a bunch of booths with different things to see and do and there were different music groups (Native powwow music, Celtic music, country music, etc) playing on the stage.

We went to get our food first and there were some pretty long lines but we actually had a lot of fun visiting with the people around us and having people we knew stopping to visit as well. Some of the food to chose from were Italian pasta, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken wings, spinach dip, mini hamburgers, strawberry shortcake, caramel apples and chicken bites. They also had french fries, pop and fry bread that didn't require a ticket.

Here are all the kids enjoying their apples. Very sticky but quite yummy!
After we ate we checked out the different activities for kids. The different sports teams had various things set up were the kids could try running the hurdles (Aaron figured we must be at a kids Olympics) , shoot baskets, try hitting a hockey puck, play soccer or play with all the football pads. They thought it was pretty fun. There was going to be fireworks too but it had gotten too windy so they had to cancel.

All in all it was a pretty fun free family evening.

Our community has free or very frugal events regularly, maybe yours does too. Some ways to learn about them are:
  • The newspaper. This is a great place to find out about stuff. Check the calendar of events.
  • Online. Google your town and events. Go to your Chamber of Commerce website.
  • Look at posters. We happened to find out about this event from a poster on the door of our chiropractor.
  • Listen to the radio. (I rarely use this method but I think it does work.)
  • Be involved in your community.

Have you enjoyed any fun events in your town lately?