Visiting with Senator Coleman

A fun opportunity we had this week was going to town to see Senator Norm Coleman. The different times lately that I have been able to hear him speak makes me glad that he is our senator. I think he does a good job. He came into town to a small cafe, a bunch of us all squished together in there to talk to him and hear what he had to say. Our kids were almost the only children there and so he paid them quite a bit of attention. He talked to Megan and Aaron first and wanted to shake Aaron's hand but Aaron got shy at that point and came and hid behind me. Megan was quite willing to visit though.
The older 2 also enjoyed meeting him, visiting with him and hearing him speak. Mara stood right in the front row and was very into his little talk. He thought that she would make a good senator some day because of her personality.
Before we had gone to see him we had talked about who a senator is and what he does. Getting to see somebody like that in person really will make our little government lesson stick a lot better then just reading about it in some book.
I am more and more coming to the conclusion that if we want to make a difference in how our country is led then we need to be involved. I am also thinking that it is important that our kids learn what it is all about and hopefully we can raise up some godly young men and women who will help in the future to make a difference in our country.
One of the campaign staff took a picture of the kids and I with the senator and said he would post it here soon, but as of the time of this posting it is not up yet.