Menu Plan Monday

Sunday Breakfast: Pancakes with Chokecherry or maple syrup
Dinner: Brown Rice, Fried Pork, Corn on the cob (from our garden!!), Cabbage Salad.
Supper: Shrimp, mashed potatoes and green beans.

Monday Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and potatoes and toast
Dinner: Pork, Chicken, Brown Rice, Cabbage Salad, Stir fried veggies, bread and pie (WE don't normally have this big of lunch but we had invited the workers from the Church building site over.)
Supper: BBQ Pork on Bread and Salad.

Tuesday Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins and Eggs.
Supper: Chicken on a stick, fried onions on a stick, bananas on a stick, potatoes on a stick and Popsicles.

Wednesday Breakfast: Lefse
Supper: Indian Tacos

Thursday Breakfast: Cereal or Toast.
Supper: Walleye, baked potatoes and a veggie.

Friday Breakfast: Eggs, Hashbrowns and fruit.
Supper: Wild Rice Hotdish and Corn.

Saturday Breakfast: Oatmeal or fend for yourself.
Supper: Swedish meatballs on potatoes or noodles and Broccoli.

This week we are eating "Minnesota foods" for the most part. Can you think of any "MN" foods that I missed? (other than Lutefisk, that was an intentional oversight.)