Learning about Michigan

The first part of July we had fun learning about Michigan. I haven't been to Michigan since I was a kid, but as I remember it was quite pretty. One of the things we found quite interesting about Michigan was it's shape with the upper and lower peninsulas. I don't think we ever did find out why it was divided in such a way. It is the 26th state and like the 25th state (Arkansas) it has an apple blossom as the state flower. Michigan became a state on Jan 26, 1837 (so it shares a birthday with my older brother!).

  • The state tree is the White pine and the bird is the Robin.
  • Michigan is a major builder of automobiles.
  • Michigan is the only state touching four of the great lakes.
  • Gerald Ford, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers came from Michigan.
  • The upper peninsula has little people but has about 150 waterfalls and lots of forests.

We tried a bunch of Michigan recipes and they were all pretty good!

I guess no Tiger's game is complete without a Detroit style coney dog. I enjoyed it too.
We tried Chicken a la' King.
We made Applesauce Raisin Batter Bread.
Spanish Tortillas with black beans and rice was quite yummy.
We also enjoyed the Banana Breakfast Shake.
We enjoyed Mixed Greens with Baked Goat cheese toasts!
The Boys enjoying Maple Walnut Granola. The Cornish-Finnish Michigan Pasties were quite good. It was also a very big batch so we had leftovers.
What do you like about Michigan?