11 Days Early

We got a frost last night.... 11 days early. It was a pretty hard frost too, I think. The grass was pretty crunchy when I stepped on it to get these pictures. Luckily I knew about it ahead of time so I could get the cold frame on the lettuce yesterday afternoon.

I've never seen carrot tops with frost on them before. I have to say it's amazing! The frost outlines each leaf and it's just beautiful!

The clover in our lawn looked quite pretty also.

The broccoli leaves are a deep blue green this morning.

Here's the cold frame my dad made for me. Jon helped me put it on the lettuce bed yesterday. All but one row of lettuce fit under the frame. I should have picked that lettuce yesterday but I thought it would survive. I think I'll be proved wrong. I think it'll look pretty sad once they thaw this morning.
The forecast shows that we may get another frost tonight. I'm wondering if it's worth it to break out the row covers of if whatever damage is to be done was done last night. The weird thing is that it's supposed to get up to 75* by Wednesday.
The weather in the Piedmont of North Carolina is like a box of chocolates.... you never know what you're going to get.

**Edited to add... The lettuce looks great this morning... even the row outside of the cold frame!! Yippee!**