A Mighty Wind

Last week a sudden and strong storm blew through with up to 50 mph winds and made an impression on the garden. I'm very glad we didn't get the hail that the warnings said we could get.

The lettuce was covered in dirt and laying over. Luckily it's perked up since.

My broccoli plants were laying on their sides and by the next day hadn't started to right themselves.

I used pickets from vinyl fence panels I was given by a friend recently. I'm going to use the full fence panels to fence in the back garden next season but these pickets that were loose were perfect for staking the broccoli. I used a piece of twine to loosely tie them to each stake.

I still haven't figured out why my broccoli stems are so narrow at the bottom... making them flop over more easily. My spring broccoli stems were straight and thick. I watered a lot more when these plants were seedlings verses the spring plants... not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I'm going to make sure to go out to harvest a few greenbeans today. I think I may get enough for a dinner before the plants give up for the season.