Mid-October Garden Tour

So, weather.com is not to be trusted.... last week it said we could expect mid 70's this week. Well, I guess they were only half wrong. Tuesday it was 73* and sunny..... Today it's a high of 50* and rainy.
I was able to spend an hour out in the garden Tuesday during naptime so I could get the garden ready for the cool weather. Now that the garden is tidy, I figured it would be a good time to do a garden update.
First a quick hello to Greta The Groundhog. She's been around a lot lately. Not sure why my grass or clover tastes better then the neighbors without the fence. Maybe it's because we don't use anything on our lawn. Soon she's going to be too fat to fit under the fence.

Here are a couple views of my garden from different views.
Closest to the camera on the left... spinach, peas, Broccoli, and lettuce hiding behind
On the far right, swiss chard... then parsnips, carrots, kale

Yes, my neighbors are that close *sigh*. I dream of the day we can move from this neighborhood life and move onto a few acres. Oh the garden I could have!

The good thing about our yard though is that we back up to woods. We picked this house because of that and the fact that we have the largest lot (.66 acre).

Kale - now about 8 inches tall. I love the curly leaves!

The carrots needed thinning again.

I got quite a nice little harvest from the thinnings. Most were about as big around as my pointer finger. I'm going to use them in my pot roast tomorrow night.

The broccoli is starting to make heads now. Aren't they cute??

Some of my broccoli plants have double stems. Weird, huh? Does this mean they'll make two full sized heads or maybe one regular sized head and a smaller side shoot type head? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Here's the lettuce after a thinning. It's a mix of leaf lettuces.
That's all for today. Thanks for visiting my garden :)