Pilot Mountain

This past Sunday, Jon had the great idea to drive to Pilot Mountain to see the beautiful leaves. Pilot Mountain is only about a 45 minute drive from us. This is the first time I've been up the mountain. I was so glad my mom could go along with us!

This is the view from about 10 minutes away. It's blurry but the sun was so bright behind me that I couldn't see the screen on the camera to see if it was focused.
There are two pinnacles of the mountain. The higher one is completely sided by sheer rock and the top has trees on it. The smaller pinnacle is where the road to the top leads. It was a steep drive and there were a lot of people competing for parking spaces. Luckily after looping around a few times we were able to find a spot.

It was chilly Sunday so we brought our light jackets. I forgot about the wind on top of a mountain. It was freezing up there!!!
I packed a picnic lunch for us so we set off to find a place to eat.

Nana showing Charlotte the farms below.

I could have stood there all day if it wasn't for the teeth chattering, finger numbing cold, that is.

We sat down to eat our lunches... chicken salad for the grown-ups and pb&j for the kids. Mom's poor freezing knees! She was fine in shorts when we left home.

Jon contemplating life and his role in it...

Enough contemplating... time to eat!
Then it was time for me to break away for a few minutes to get some pictures of the beautiful leaves and the rocks.



The forest below was like a gorgeous carpet of leaves. This picture is worth clicking on to enlarge it.
Then it was time to go. We had a great time and loved the beautiful views. Next time we'll remember to wear more layers so we can stay longer.

Evan had so much fun that he couldn't stay awake on the way home... the sign of a great day!