Autumn or Winter???

Yesterday evening Mara got into the Fall decorating mood. It was so fun to watch her in action. I didn't get any pictures of her doing it but I did get some of the finished product:
She had gathered some pretty little fall leaves and pressed them for over a day and then decided to make a swag on the window using them.
A little closer view:
She strung them up on some red yarn.
On the living room windows where I have grape vine over the valances she poked the leaves on the grapevine.
For a finished look like this: (sorry it is rather distant)

Then I helped her put together a simple centerpiece for the table. We put clay around the bottom of the candles and stuck them into a tray shaped like a leaf and then we filled in around them with little apples, tomatoes and acorns. She also laid a fall colored place mat on the table and added more fall leaves.
It was beginning to look very festive for fall and pretty and then I looked outside.... "Hey Mara, guess what it coming down?" "It's SNOWING!"
We found the timing rather humorous! God is certainly full of surprises!
Mara also made us place cards and wrapped up our silverware in napkins and added a leaf for decoration for our supper.
We ate mostly by candlelight which was fun!

The sweet little decorator!
This morning I figured the snow wouldn't last very long. But I was wrong. It snowed off and on all day.
Aaron decided we had better add some snowflakes to our decorations, so he made some and tied them up with the leaves! :-)
On Saturday morning we usually have late breakfasts so the youngest 3 were out frolicking even before we ate. Snow is always exciting!