WFMW ~ Taking time for adventures

If you have kids you probably know how much they love to explore, see new things and maybe get a little dirty. Sometimes as adults we can get so busy with regular life that we forget about doing things like that. Or maybe we don't want to get dirty or look childish.
Though we don't get out and explore as much as I would like, it is lots of fun and I hope to do it more. It is great bonding time with your kids and it Works for Me!
I thought I would share some pictures of one of our recent "Adventures".
We were over at my parents for lunch on Sunday and afterwards Dad got out the 4 wheeler and wagon and off we went through the woods and fields to check out the work the Pipe line people are doing.
Luke got to do the driving with Polly on behind.
The rest of us rode in the wagon......
Peggy, Mara and Mom
Mom and Dad
Keren, Jonathan, Aaron and Megan were on their too, just not pictured.
We had to climb out to walk instead of ride through a deep ditch so these 3 who thought they were the best dressed, decided to have their picture taken.
When we got up to where the pipe line was, we parked and unloaded and then there were some piles of dirt we had to go over. I didn't pay much attention at first and thought they looked like plain old dirt but soon discovered that a bunch of it was mud when my foot slipped in completely, I was now muddy up to my ankle.
Megan was needing some help getting across the piles so Peggy volunteered to get her (after all she came prepared wearing mud boots). She headed back the way I had just come and ended up sinking clear to the top of her boots - both of them. She was completely stuck! She ended up having to slip out of them and the guys helped her get her boots out. (Meanwhile, I rescued Megan.)
We had fun looking at the huge pipes, hollering through them (you can make super cool music!) and checking them all out.

And what happened to poor Keren laying there on the ground?...
Well some people will go to all lengths to get a good picture.

My handsome little boy with his stick. (Always a stick, you can't be a real boy without one!)
On our way back the kids decided to check out the deer stand.

Megan and I went to look at the creek while Luke, Keren and Peggy did a little target practising.
Getting out and going on a little adventure was fun. It Works for Me!
Along the lines of taking the time to go exploring, spending time with your family and most importantly time with God is this post that really touched me: "Slow Down: To Seek " (by Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience). We go through life at often a frantic pace but what is it really that we are looking for? Maybe we need to slow down a little to find out.