Little Bird.... Big Headache

My sister and I were loading up boxes in my mom's garage this past weekend when I saw a little bird flying through the open door. He flew right into the window in the garage with a faint thunk.
He was sitting upright on the garage floor when I tried several times to pick him up but he kept trying to fly just as I was ready to grab him (okay, I was a tiny bit afraid he would bite me... yes, I'm a sissy). Katie was able to grab him and I ran for my camera. He was laying on his side in her hand for a minute but then he perked up.

He was quite a natural model.

Katie has contacts at the University of Maryland and she was able to get him identified.

He is a Common Yellowthroat. He's immature male (aren't they all?).... hatched this summer.

It is really worth it to click on these pictures to enlarge them. His feathers are so beautiful!

After I took a ton of pictures of him, Katie sat him down in a flowerbed in the backyard. She said she saw him fly to a neighboring tree. Hopefully he is doing well and is more careful about the way he tries to exit buildings in the future :)