WFMW ~ A Math game

Jonathan has been learning about Hundreds, Tens and Ones place values in math lately. His math book had a suggestion for a game that we could play that would help him learn them better. He really enjoyed it and learned from it and so that works for me!
How to play: You need a spinner with the numbers 0-9 on it. They had a wimpy little one in his math book to cut out but it didn't work so we decided to use the one in our life game instead. The Life one has 1-10 so we just called 10 zero. You could also make one using cardboard and a fastener. You need a paper for each player with three columns on it labeled Hundreds, Tens and Ones.
On each players turn they get to spin 3 times and when they spin a number they get to place it in one of their columns. The goal is to make the highest number possible. Example if you spin 1 first you would probably put it in the ones column. Next you spin an 8, you think that is pretty high so you put it in the hundreds column. Next you spin a 9. You have to put it in the tens column (though it would have been better in the hundreds). Whoever gets the largest number on that round gets a point.

Jonathan wanted to keep playing and playing this game. When I needed to get busy and do something else he recruited Mara to play with him. Learning that is fun? That works for me!

Some other fun games that help with Math skills are Monopoly and Dominoes and actually many others. Just have the kids be the banker or at least do their own adding. Math becomes very fun when it is a game.