A Homemade Christmas ~ Week 4

Welcome to the 4th week of a Homemade Christmas. Feel free to check out week 1, week 2 and week 3 as well. And don't forget to come back for the remaining 4 weeks!

This week I had a lot of fun trying something new and that is appliqueing on cardstock. I made these little gift tags and they were a simple and fun project.

What you need to make them are: Cardstock, little fabric scraps, thread and a sewing machine, ribbon or string, stamps or pen for the "To" and "From" and also a fusible web makes it work nice and easy.

How to do it:
  1. Iron "wonder under" (a transfer web) on the back side of some fabric scraps and then cut them into stars and hearts (or any shape you desire, a pine tree would also be cute).
  2. Then iron them onto the little cardstock tags. I cut out the tags the same size as a business card.
  3. Next using a small zig-zag and a really fine stitch sew around your shape.
  4. Using a complementing color zig-zag around the edge of your tag.
  5. Using either stamps or writing neatly put a "To" and "From" on your tag.
  6. Punch a hole and put a ribbon, cord or string through it so that it can be tied to a package.
  7. That's it!! Now you can have fun using it.

So far this is all I have used this method for but I also want to try making cards with sewing as well as bookmarks. Do you have any other ideas for using sewing on cardstock?

Here are some other gift ideas:

How about you? What fun stuff have you been making at your house? Please share! (Either in the comments or post about it and add your link.)