Super Saving Saturday

Today I had fun doing a little "Treasure Hunting" shopping at K-mart. They have a week long double coupon event. (Though they won't double Internet coupons or I am sure I could have gotten many more deals!) I was able to get the stuff picture above for 19 cents (plus tax) with coupons. I brought many more coupons along but quite a few things K-mart didn't carry and then the other stuff was more money than I wanted to spend (even with the doubled coupon!).
Sometimes with this sort of deal I buy stuff that I wouldn't personally use (Like the plug-in air freshener) but I do that because they can be fun to stick in gifts (because some people do like them) or I have found they sell well at garage sales.
One of the fun things about bargain shopping is making it so I can more easily give gifts to others. Lately we have been trying to help a mother with her five children that just got into a home after being in a homeless shelter. Today I was able to take a housewarming gift over to her that cost me only pennies.
I included some cleaning supplies (that I earned money on at Walgreens), an air freshener (free with coupon), Chex Mix snack (free with coupons), Some little candy bars (cheap with coupons, rebate and sales), a ham and potato dish (made with free potatoes) , Pumpkin bread (made with free pumpkin) and a homemade card all in a recycled box with recycled tissue paper. The recipient was very appreciative and we had fun giving it and I was able to give that much because I was able to get some good deals.

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