New Doll clothes!

 It is Mara's Birthday today and one of her requests had been for doll clothes. She has two 18 inch dolls and enjoys new clothes for them. A while back I had found a bunch of American Girl Doll clothing patterns available for free printing and so I decided to try out one of them.

 I decided to try one of Felicity's dresses. Felicity is from the colonial time period. We had studied in depth and have again been reading about the colonial times and so I thought that would be fun. I chose a pretty green piece of fabric (That my niece Margaret had actually given to me). I had fun working on it and I like how it turned out but I will admit that it was a bit of work. Doll clothes go fast because the seams are so short but this one had a fair amount of detail with many pleats, separate pieces, underskirt and all.

 I also made shifts for both her dolls. (I didn't end up having enough time to make fancy dresses for both of them.) I also made a simple skirt and some mob caps. I made up my own easy patterns for each of those. I had thought I would share them with you today but my scanner seems to be having some issues so I guess I will have to do it later.

 If you have any girls that like American Girl stuff, using the free patterns is a fun way to make them happy. It takes a little time but very little money as even if you have to buy fabric (and bear in mind that you can recycle old clothes that you don't care for into doll clothes very nicely!) with such a small amount it won't cost that much. Much cheaper than buying the ready made clothes!