Better Late Then Never, Right?

This past weekend, I finally got my spring veggie garden planted. I should have gotten it done a few weeks ago but to tell you the truth, I just didn't feel like it yet. I really just felt like sitting inside and knitting while watching a good movie.

Luckily this past weekend, I was excited to get the garden planted.
Oscar was no help. He's not much of a nature loving dog so I was surprised to find him laying in the grass soaking up the sun.

While I finished pulling weeds from the beds, Jon shoveled compost onto the beds and mixed it in by turning the beds under a bit. It wasn't an easy job but I sure appreciate when he helps me in the garden.
Once I got the beds smoothed and weed-free, I started planting seeds. I don't start any seeds indoors.
The kids helped me plant some pea seeds since they're nice and big. I planted the rest. I tried soaking the pea seeds for a few hours before planting to hopefully give them a head start with germination.

Here is the main garden fully seeded. I planted a few new things and I planted some seeds that I had leftover from last year.

See the stripes down the rows? I am trying a trick I learned from The Victory Garden vegetable video (circa mid '80's). They suggested that with many seeds, you cover them with potting soil instead of garden soil so that the seedlings have an easier time pushing through the dirt. My clay soil tends to form a crust on the top so I'm hoping the soft potting soil helps insure better germination.

The next day, Evan and I went to the feed & seed and picked up some onion sets and slips. I bought way too many.

I planted the sets between my broccoli seeds and planted some slips between some lettuce seeds. I made another row just for onions but I still have over half of the slips left.
I also bought 3 different types of seed potatoes at the store that are waiting to be planted. I'm working on getting the back garden ready to go so the potatoes can be in the ground by this weekend. I'm so glad to be happy with my hands in the dirt again. It took me longer to want to garden this year but I'm glad I haven't lost the garden love.
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