Compost, Free For The Taking!

We're lucky that our county has a composting program. They pick up leaves and grass clippings and compost it in huge heaps until it turns into a wonderful compost. Each spring and fall they give it away to anyone with a truck or trailer.
We have neither so we borrowed a truck from some friends. Here are some of the piles that are still composting. You can't tell from this angle but the piles are a lot taller then the trucks driving behind them.

The huge piles of finished compost were steaming in the cold morning air.

After waiting in line for about an hour, I was almost to the front of the line where one of two front end loaders would dump a load of compost into the back of the truck. It's a bumpy, loud experience that the kids thought was pretty cool.

Charlotte helped us unload the truck onto a tarp that Jon and I dragged to the back garden.

It was no easy task.

Evan helped too.
We got 2 truck loads of compost. We got enough to cover both gardens in about 2 inches of compost.....

and enough to make a digging pit for the kids. They had been using our back garden for digging but when I plant that, they'll lose their spot. Jon used some edging that my dad brought for me to edge the digging area.

Their digging spot is right next to our back garden.

Jon did a great job digging out the turf so the edging could sit down into the ground a bit.
Oops. Seems I have forgotten to take a picture of the digging pit after it was done. I'll be sure to post those soon. The kids have been digging in it every day. We're all going to have dirty fingernails from now on.