Byler's - Stocking The Pantry

While we were visiting my sister last month, we took a 30 minute trip to Byler's in Delaware. Byler's is a store that carries everything from wood stoves to bulk flour. The kitchen department is so much fun to look through. I found a great rolling pin without handles for only $4.95. My mom and Charlotte had a good time looking at the candy molds. They had every shape imaginable!

This is how Katie feels about Byler's. I think I had the same big grin on my face the whole time going from one thing to the next. If only my budget were a little bigger....

Nice bonnet, Katie.
I told you they had everything at Byler's.

Here was my shopping cart when we were ready to check out. I bought a 50 lb. bag of Whole Wheat Pastry flour for only $14.99!!!
I bought spelt flour, unrefined sugar, barley flour, millet, unsweetened flaked coconut, sea salt, alphabet noodles, semolina, rolled wheat and barley.... the list was a mile long. Oh, and Charlotte picked out some flower shaped sprinkles. I love how I can find so many great things at Byler's that I can't find anywhere locally without paying an arm and a leg. They have great bulk prices. I just wish they had a Byler's in NC!
It makes cooking from scratch so nice when I have my pantry fully stocked. I'm hoping this lasts me until I go back to visit Katie in August. I'm going to have to start leaving a lot of extra room in the van to tote home all the great pantry staples!