My Love Bugs

Charlotte has been taking swim lessons for a month now. She's doing so well. She's gone from a "strangle hold" on the teachers neck to jumping in by herself with only a float belt. It's going to make this summer so much more fun with her being comfortable in the water.
I found this bathing suit at a consignment sale for $2!! She was so excited because she had requested a bathing suit with a skirt so she could "look like a princess" when she swims.

Bathing suits are also great fashion statements while pulling your brother around in a tiny wagon made for blocks.

I taught Charlotte how to make necklaces from flowers. I was amazed at how fast she caught on.

Don't you love her PJ's that are 3 sizes too big? A very generous friend gave us 2 big boxes of hand-me-downs and Charlotte loved these so much that she couldn't wait until they were big enough to fit her. She wore them all day on Sunday.

Evan is loving saying "I'm a BIG boy... I'm a REAL big boy!" And he also loves helping me. He put away all the silverware from the dishwasher the other day.

He also wanted to spread his own butter on his bread. It started off pretty well.....

"Ummm.... Evan, I think you have enough now..."

"Whoa! Okay, buddy, that's good." (I quickly took most of that off when he wasn't looking... don't tell him)