"Lonestar Homecoming" by Colleen Coble {A review}

Recently I recieved a free book in the mail. It came because I had signed up to review books for BookSneeze (with Thomas Nelson Publishers). They send a free book of your choosing (from their available list) for you to review on your blog and a site like Amazon or CBD. What I like about BookSneeze is that you aren't on a time limit, you just can't get any new books until you review the first one. You don't have to do good reviews of course either and so this review is my opinion not anyone elses! :-)

“Lonestar Homecoming” is a story about a single mother named Gracie who has made many poor choices. She has a tendency to run from the result of her poor choices and she has run away from God too. At the beginning of the book we find her running, without money and still needing to care for her 5 year old daughter. Former soldier, Michael, comes to the rescue and their future gets tied together far more than they ever imagined. This book is full of drama, love and facing your problems.

This book’s story line is not very realistic but it was fun easy reading anyway. I found this to be a pretty wholesome book. Christianity wasn't mentioned that much, but I appreciated the fact that even though this is a love story that there wasn’t anything that I found to be improper in the love story. This is very unusual even for a “Christian” book. I enjoyed some of the discussions in the book about child rearing and making choices and thought there was some good insight. If you are looking for some easy reading, that will keep you absorbed, I recommend this book. If you are looking for something deep this would not be the one.

Have you read any good books lately? I would love to hear about your favorites too!