A Sheep To Snuggle With

I recently knit this pillow for my sister for her birthday. She seemed happy with it and I certainly loved making it for her. I had to make the inside pillow form since JoAnne's didn't carry a 10" pillow form. It was my first time following a chart while knitting and the first time switching yarn mid row. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It bothers Evan that the sheep doesn't have a mouth.

The pattern was from a Family Circle Book called Easy Baby Knits. Hey, Katie, there's also a sheep tote bag and a sheep afghan in that book also!

The red wool is Wool Pak in Red. The tan wool is Alice Starmore Dunedin in camel but I doubled the strand. The white chenille is of unknown fiber. It shrunk really fast when I was hand washing this pillow which is strange because the wool didn't shrink at all.

I like the little back flap. I think it looks like an alien.