15 Review of the Baby Trend Expedition LX: Great Budget Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are certainly not a necessity for most new parents. If you plan to do a lot of walking on varied terrain with your little one, or you plan to do any jogging or running while toting your baby along, they are a very nice luxury to have. The prices range from about $100 to over $500, so choosing the right one can be quite difficult. After some research and pondering, we decided on the Baby Trend Expedition LX and are quite happy with our decision.

The point of a jogging stroller is to add stability and support for the baby during a fast or bumpy ride. They are ideal for "off-road" trails and also jogging or light running. They run on larger, bicycle-like tires, and have shock absorption. They are generally pretty oversized, and can accommodate babies, toddlers, and even preschoolers.

The Baby Trend Expedition is on the lower end of the price spectrum for jogging strollers. At around $140, however, this model provides everything we were looking for, at a fairly affordable price. The stroller is black with light blue with orange accents, has speakers and a hook up for an MP3 player, includes cup holders for both mom or dad and baby, offers plenty of storage, and features a tray for baby to house snacks or toys. There is also an attached clock/pedometer which is great for tracking time or miles jogged.

As far as the ride goes, the shocks give your child a nice, smooth ride. One of the nicest features of this model is that the front wheel can be fixed, or you can allow it to pivot. A fixed front wheel is a must for jogging. A wheel that pivots simply does not supply enough stability to provide a smooth ride. When you are not jogging, however, a fixed front wheel makes steering much more difficult. Having the luxury of both options is an excellent feature in this model.

The Baby Trend Expedition will accommodate children up to 50 pounds and 42 inches. This makes it a stroller you will be able to use for many years. It is not recommended for infants less than 6 months