I'm a proud mother

Sara, my 10 year old decided to sew one day and rummaged through my 'scrap basket'. She said, "Please teach me to use the machine mom, I want to sew something". I was ecstatic!
I guess I secretly waited for the day she would show interest in sewing :-) 

And so I thought her how. She took time and chose all the scraps she wanted, sew them together and eventually made the above pillow (18"L x 12"W), feeling very pleased with her effort.

Then her lil' sister Maya (she's 3 years) wanted one, and so she chose her own scraps and asked Sara to do one for her. Maya's lil' pillow was 14"L x 9.5"W.

Both of them wanted the same polkadot fabric for the backing and I helped them with this part. Sara's sewing is not too bad, I must say :-) She did all the sewing and ironing herself.

Here it is, my girls' project all done. I'm ever the proud mom! Sara is looking forward to start on other small projects and was very happy with her handiwork!