Thanksgiving Part 1 - The Feasts

Whew... I just finished downloading 400 pictures off of my camera from our Thanksgiving trip!! We had a fantastic 4 days at my sister's house and were sad to have to go home. She has a beautiful family, home, and little farm yard. I'll show more pictures of her animals soon.

I'm breaking up my posts about our trip into chunks. This chunk is all about the food. Why save the best for last??

My mom had the dogs full attention while she diced up the liver for the stuffing. I think they would have done just about anything to get a bite.

Jon's holding down the couch while the kids keep busy waiting for food to be ready.

David made a wonderful sweet potato casserole that had banana in it and a yummy brown sugar topping. YUM!

Katie slicing the cranberry sauce.

Turkey!!! This 24 pounder was delicious!! Katie and David rubbed sage butter under the skin before roasting it and it was the most moist and flavorful turkey I've ever had.

Time to eat! Grab a plate!

Devin, Kylee, and Charlotte at the kids table. (Evan ate in a high chair... containment being key with that one)

Mom, Katie, and I chatting after dinner... waiting to have room for pie.

Jon, David, and Chris talking about guy stuff while the girls twirl around in their princess dresses and tutus.
Time for Round 2.... Ring the bell...

In this corner we have the kids table. We braved it and let Evan eat at the table.... yikes...

I think Katie's making sure Dad isn't going to take all the sweet potatoes.

Pretty colors on that plate, Kate.

David was buttering that roll so fast I couldn't take a clear picture of it.
Stay tuned for Thanksgiving Part 2.....