Panorama-Rama and Some Finished Knits

My new camera has a panoramic feature on it that helps you line up 2-3 pictures and create a panoramic photo without using any software! It's so easy. Clicking on the pictures below will let you get a better look at the photos. Here is our playroom. This is where the kids and I spent most of our time if we're not outside. It used to be our 2 car garage but thanks mostly to my talented Father-in-law, it's now a wonderful playroom.

Here's the backyard.
I keep trying to think of other things around here to take panoramic pictures of but nothing is exciting enough. No one wants to see a panoramic picture of the piles of laundry on the couch, do they?
Here are some hat and mitten sets I finished a while ago but just got them back out to wash/block them so they'd be ready for cold weather.
I used the same patterns that I used for Evan's blue/red set.

Here's the set for my daycare girly. She's a few months older then Evan but a bit smaller.
The pink is Cascade 220 and the multi is a faux mohair.

Here's another set for Evan. I wanted each of my kids to have two sets of hats/mittens so we'd always be able to find a pair when we were ready to go (fingers crossed). I love this yarn! It's Cascade 220 and a beautiful blend of black and blue.

Here's Charlotte's set. I took her to JoAnne's and showed her the rack of Paton's wool. I let her choose any color she wanted and she picked this very bold "Autumn Sunset". She was sure this was the color for her. I'll probably be adding a pom-pom to the top of this hat.

The yarn did some really cool pooling in the hat. On one side it makes a heart/X type shape in green....

On the other side it makes the same shape in orange....

Then both other sides are the same blending of rows of purple and deep blue.
If I had made the hat a stitch or two larger or smaller it wouldn't have pooled that way. I'm so happy that it did!
Now off to finish the sets for my niece and nephew :)