Making a normal supper into a special event

Last night we had a special supper at our house. It wasn't going to be. It was just a normal night where we were going to eat a normal supper together as a family when Ken got home from work.


I had put a tablecloth on earlier in the day (to look nicer when I had a bride over to talk about wedding flowers) and I just left it on. So I decided maybe it would be fun to add some silk flowers too. So I stuck some in a vase and set them in the table. We also decided to add a couple of candles.

Then the usual happened whenever I vary the routine a little- the kids got excited. "Mom can we use special plates?" "Mom can the kids have glass glasses?" "Mom can we dress up?" ~ "Sure, that would be fine!"

So we had very elegantly dressed fellow diners!
Ken and I looked rather frumpy in comparison. :-)

If we were going to have a fancy meal, Jonathan thought we better have a dessert too. I already had a nice meal planned but dessert wasn't on the menu but after all how could we have a fancy meal and no dessert?

So we came up with a quick impromptu dessert: Bananas with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Jonathan whipped the cream and I made the sauce. This was a simple and new dessert for us but we all liked it.

One of the neat things about doing something different for an evening is we tend to sit around and just visit a little longer and enjoy our time together a little more. In the summer we enjoyed doing that around the campfire but now that it is colder and gets dark sooner indoor candlelit dinners will get to take the place of the campfire.

After supper we also got the privilege to watch a play put on by our favorite performers.

I am so thankful to God for the family He has blessed me with. How wonderful it is to be able to have fun times just doing simple things together.