Terrific Thrift Store Finds!

I got an email from Mega Thrift the other day saying they would have all clothing 50% off on Veteran's Day. Jon really needed some work pants and I wanted some non-jean pants. With the kids spending lunch/naptime at Nana's, Jon and I were free to take our time wandering the aisles at Mega Thrift. They have such a better selection then Goodwill or Salvation Army but you have to take your time going through everything to find the great stuff. Here's what we found.
5 pairs of nice pants for Jon. Brands include Dockers, Britches, JoS A. Banks.

A Pair of jeans for Jon. Good jeans are hard to come by at any thrift store. I was happy to find one pair for him.
A Merino wool cardigan for me. It's a much warmer color then this picture shows. It's more of a camel color.

3 tops for me. 2 of them are brand new. 1 of them is Ralph Lauren.

4 pairs of non-jeans for me.
Ready for the grand total?? $30.00!
Now that's successful thrifting. For what one pair of nice dress pants would cost, we got 10 pairs of pants and 4 tops that you would never know had been previously worn.