Making slipcovers for a couch and chair

The other day several of us had fun tackling a slipcover project. A chair and couch had been donated for use at the church building that weren't all that pretty, so Mom went searching for fabric and was able to find some that matched really well with the church building's colors at a thrift store for a pretty good deal. So we arranged a day and Mom, Mary and I, with some help from Keren and Becky, got to work.

Here is the chair that we covered up:
It wasn't in very bad condition, it just really didn't match the color scheme!
Here is the couch. As you can see it had some stain issues.

We decided to tackle the couch first. We had 6 yards of 58 " wide fabric. We weren't sure if it would work or not. (the couch was an extra long at 7 feet) We did some very careful measuring and figured out just how much we would need. We used another fabric to put under the cushions and on the bottom side of the cushions. We also had to do a little piecing in the back. In the end I don't think we had any scraps bigger than 2"x2" left over.
Here is Mary at work on cutting out.

Here am I pinning pieces together.
Mom busy putting zippers in the cushion covers.
The part I found the most challenging was fitting the arm pieces with the front and back.
A tip I had learned from another blogger was to put sections on wrong side out and then pin the seams while they were in place. this worked pretty well! At last it was ready to try on. Would it fit good? It did! Hooray! I new looking and clean couch! (The lighting is rather weird in this picture however.)
The next day Mom, Keren and I came back to work on the chair. Again we did a lot of careful measuring and this time we actually made pattern pieces for most of it as they were a little more precise than the couch.

The picture above shows again how the inside out pinning worked.
And the finished product! It was fun on Sunday to see people enjoying sitting around on comfortable seats during fellowship time. (Before we made slipcovers they had been relegated to the basement.)
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