Garden Update

The weather has been kinda crazy lately. We'll have a rainy day in the 50's followed by 5 days in the lower 70's and sunny. I took these pictures a few days when it was warm and sunny. The garden is really doing well. I'm happy that we haven't had a frost in about 2 weeks. It's allowing things to grow a bit more.
I've harvested 3 of the 8 broccoli heads so far. I'm glad they seem to maturing at different rates. This head needs to be harvested.

The lettuce is growing out of the coldframe! Definitely time for a harvest. Any volunteers to wash it all?

Kale... ready for harvest (I seem to be saying that a lot, don't I? )

Peas!! I planted these later then I should have so they're taking a lot time to develop.
I picked a pod hoping it was ready... it wasn't. But even the tiny baby peas were sweet. Hurry! Peas! Grow!

Swiss Chard... not only are they ready for a first harvest... they need a good weeding too! My to-do list is getting longer. Good thing it's raining today.

Parsnips are in the front and 2 rows of carrots in the back. I'm waiting until we get some cold weather before I pull the parsnips. I hear cold temps sweeten them.