Teaching The Next Generation

When my mom was visiting last weekend, she helped Charlotte work on her quilt. A few months ago, Nana took Charlotte to the fabric store and helped her pick out her fabric. Charlotte has strong ideas about what she likes and doesn't like.
Nana cut out the quilt blocks for Charlotte.
Next she drew a line on the top of the block so Charlotte would have an easier time learning to sew straight.
Charlotte threaded the needle by herself and Nana tied the knot. Off she went. It's amazing how fast she picked up this skill. She didn't even poke herself with the needle.

Here are blocks number 1 and 2 seamed together. Look at that proud smile.

Here she is sewing the fourth block in place. I think she would have happily sat there all day sewing blocks together.
This will be a very special quilt that I know Charlotte (and I) will treasure.
I'm so happy that my mom has the time and patience to teach my children these types of skills. She did that for us as children and I'm so grateful to her for that.
In a time of endless technology, these basic skills are being lost. I'm happy to know they're not being lost in our family.
My mom is hoping to one day teach classes on sewing and quilting to children and adults from her home. She's already proven herself a great teacher.